ResQ Club allows you to rescue top-quality surplus food from restaurants, cafeterias, and grocery stores.

You can rescue food affordably for e.g. dinner at home or an afternoon snack via our Android and iOS apps or our browser interface found at:

The main view of the ResQ app shows you a map and a list of offers nearby.

You can manually move on the map and check the current offers (green circles) and ResQ-partners (grey circles.)

You can find most offers during the weekday afternoons after lunch hours. You can purchase offers easily by clicking on the individual offer and choosing the desired quantity. We support several payment methods such as credits cards, MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal. Click here to see the additional payment methods we support in each country.

Once you have purchased an offer, you can pick it up within the time frame specified in the offer details. When fetching your offer, mention your name and show the receipt of your order.

Most of the ResQ food has been cooled down, so be prepared to reheat it before eating!

That’s it! Welcome to the club.

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