ResQ credits are a payment method that can be used to buy offers in the app. You can quickly purchase food with credits because the bank's strong authentication is not required.

How can I get credits?

You can purchase credits by opening the main menu () in the upper left corner and by clicking the "ResQ Credits" button or the credit value below your name:

You can buy credits to your own ResQ profile by selecting the amount you want to buy. If you want to buy credits as a gift to someone else, select the last option: "Buy credits as a gift". If you buy credits as a gift, we will e-mail you a gift code that your friend can add to their profile in the "ResQ codes" section (under "Settings"). More information about codes is found here.

You can purchase credits with a debit or credit card, using PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or with other country-specific payment methods.

Please note that depending on your chosen payment method, it may take a few minutes after your purchase for the credits to appear in your account. ResQ credits are valid for one year after the latest purchase. For example, when you purchase ResQ offers or credits, the time is reset.

You can also earn ResQ credits if you get your friends to use ResQ by sharing your personal referral code or if you have received a ResQ discount code.

How to use your credits?

You can use your credits to pay any purchase in ResQ, either fully or partially. First, select the items you want to buy, and select credits on the final page view where you swipe your screen to confirm the purchase. You can do this above the swiping confirmation field as shown in the images:

To view your credit usage history, open the app's menu, click the credit value or the "ResQ Credits" button below your name, and then select "Current credit balance".

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