If you've had problems with receiving notifications, some of these reasons might explain the situation. If your problems are not related to the issues mentioned below, you can contact our customer service.

You haven't allowed notifications

When you register, the app asks you if you want to allow notifications. If you haven't allowed them back then, you can change your settings afterwards from: Settings → Notifications 

The app doesn't know your location

In order to receive notifications, our app needs to know your location. Make sure your device's GPS is on when you use the app. You don't need to have the location tracking on at all times. Once the app knows your location, it will remember it.

You've been traveling

If you've opened the app while away from your ResQ city, the app will think that you've relocated. If you're not using the Background location monitoring (found in the notifications settings) or haven't opened the app while back in your ResQ city, the app won't know that you are back. To start getting notifications again, make sure you have GPS on. You can update your location by pressing the location button on the top right corner (see the photo below.)

Your notification settings will narrow down notifications

If you feel like you are not getting enough notifications, make sure to check that your notifications settings are set up properly. Make sure that the notification radius is big enough. Sometimes your diet settings (like gluten free, lactose free etc.) can also narrow down notifications, as not all of our partners use the dietary tags in all of their portion descriptions.

Your phone's own power saving features block our notifications

Some Android devices have power save features, which might prevent the ResQ app from receiving notifications or might cause notifications to appear with a long delay. Here are some tips on how to fix the issue. For more complete instructions, please refer to this excellent website: https://dontkillmyapp.com/

Huawei / Honor devices:

Android 9.0: Settings → Battery → App launch → Turn off for ResQ → In the appearing dialog, turn on all selections

Android 7 - 8.0: Settings → Battery → Close apps after screen lock → turn off for ResQ

Android 6.0: Settings → Advanced settings → Battery → Protected apps → turn on for ResQ

Samsung devices:

Android 9.0: Settings → Device care → Battery → Optimize battery usage → Disable for the ResQ app

Android 6 - 8.0: Settings → Device maintenance → Battery → Optimize battery usage from top bar menu → Disable for the ResQ app

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