Notifications are being sent simultaneously to all our users, but the arrival time to different devices might vary. Some offers are often sold out really quickly, so sometimes the offers might already be sold out before you have had time to react to the notifications.

In addition, ResQ's regular notifications are sent twice an hour, but our sellers are publishing offers all the time. This can lead to some offers being sold out before you see the notification.

If you want to be notified about every offer your favorite venue publishes, we recommend using the 'Instant notifications from favorites' feature found in the Notification settings (SettingsNotificationsReceive instant notifications from favorites).

If you haven't added venues as favorites before, you can read about how to do it in this article's instructions.

Android phone issues

Some Android devices have power save features, which might prevent the ResQ app from receiving notifications or might cause notifications to appear with a long delay. We have listed some tips below on how to fix the issue. For more complete instructions, please refer to this excellent website:

Here are some steps to take to avoid the most common problem situations:

Huawei / Honor devices:

Android 9.0: Settings → Battery → App launch → Turn off for ResQ → In the appearing dialog, turn on all selections

Android 7 – 8.0: Settings → Battery → Close apps after screen lock → turn off for ResQ

Android 6.0: Settings → Advanced settings → Battery → Protected apps → turn on for ResQ

Samsung devices:

Android 9.0: Settings → Device care → Battery → Optimize battery usage → Disable the ResQ app

Android 6 – 8.0: Settings → Device maintenance → Battery → Optimize battery usage from the top bar menu → Disable the ResQ app.

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