When you have published an offer, you can still edit it or cancel it. This can be done in the Offers view of the app.

For each offer you can see the edit and halt icons. When you halt an offer it disappears from the users' apps and is no longer available for purchase. Note that this does not cancel any orders that have already been made. These must be cancelled separately from the Orders tab.

Offers that have already been ordered cannot be edited: if you notice an error in an offer that has already been ordered, we recommend that you contact the customer by phone (if the customer has added a phone number to the app, you will find it in the Orders tab next to the customer's name). If it is not possible to contact the customer and the error is critical (e.g. wrong pick-up time, wrong dietary tag, etc.), we recommend cancelling the customer's order and publishing a new offer with corrected information. The customer will receive an email notification of the cancellation and the money will be automatically refunded.

The policy for cancellations requested by the customer can be found here.

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