When you start using ResQ Club your offers are automatically visible to ResQ Club's customers. Often this doesn't, however, guarantee a great sales percentages for you. Therefore it's always a good idea to let your existing customers know about your ResQ Club membership. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download your own, personalized images from our website: https://www.resq-club.com/partner-shareable-material. Type in your venue name, choose colours, and download your unique images to post them on social media, your website, and elsewhere!

  2. Make a post about it on Facebook! It can say something like this: "Food waste is a huge issue all around the world. We want to be part of the solution by reducing our waste and making sure that edible food gets eaten! This is why we've joined the ResQ Club, an app from where you can purchase great food that has left over from our day-to-day operations. We pack it for you, you can buy it from the app and pick it up!  Join the club in https://resq-club.com/app/"

  3. Post images of your surplus portions to Instagram by using hashtag #resqclub
    You can also use our images in your social media posts. Get them from here: http://bit.ly/2XGVJbs

  4. Use the material you'll receive via snail mail! We send stickers, posters, and other marketing material to your venue via mail free of charge. You should receive them in two weeks after registering.

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