The minimum price for any offer in ResQ is 1€ / 10 SEK / 4 PLN. This means that you can't sell an offer at a lower price than this. If you try to set the price lower, it will automatically switch to the minimum price.

You can, however, set the price to zero and give items away for free!

But why is there a minimum price? There are a few reasons for it:

  1. We want you to make the most out of your time spent in ResQ. That's why we encourage you to merge your smallest offers into larger bundles. This way you will spend less time creating the offers, and less time serving the customers. Your average sale will be bigger with less effort!

  2. The offer will be more attractive to customers. People are willing to take a few extra steps for a good deal, but if the value of the deal is too small, they might stay on their frequent path. That's why it's good to make offers with decent value.

  3. Payment transfer commission: with every payment made online, there's a commission charged by credit card company from us. With a lower price the share of this commission would be too high to be reasonable.

So if you have a bun, for example, that you would sell less than 1€ in ResQ, bundle it with another product, or with coffee, and sell them together!

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