Please note that these instructions are based on the Finnish Food Authority's guidelines. Make sure you always check your country's food safety regulations.

As a seller, you have the responsibility over food safety also when selling surplus food. The responsibility is transferred to the buyer only when the food is handed over. By following these instructions, you'll be able to sell your surplus in a safe way!

Warm food served from the kitchen

Food that has not been in a self-service buffet, can be sold either above 60 °C or chilled below 6 °C. Cooling down shouldn't take more than 4 hours. Food should not be handed over to a customer in the middle of cooling but instead cooled until it's below 6 °C.

After you have cooled down the food, you can sell it the next day as well. You can also sell the food on the third day if you can prove for instance with shelf life studies that the food stays good. You can read more about this topic on the website of the Finnish Food Agency (in Finnish, apologies).

The food can be packed in a takeaway box before the cooling or it can be chilled in a larger container and packed afterward.

Warm food from a self-serving buffet

Food that has been served warm from a self-serving buffet should be sold warm at above 60 °C straight from the buffet, and not cooled down. There is no time limit for selling if the food has been served and stored at above 60 °C; then the selling condition must be assessed via the senses.

The food can be packed either before the pick-up or when the customer comes in for the pick-up, as long as the temperature stays at above 60 ˚C.

Cold food 

Food that has been stored or/and served cold (under 6 °C), like salads, sushi, and sandwiches, can be sold via ResQ while it's in good condition. This estimation is done by your staff when making the offer.

Cold food from a self-service buffet should be sold cold straight from the buffet.

If the food has been stored or/and served between 6-12 °C, it should be handed over to a customer in a 4-hour time window including the entire display time.

The ResQ food is stored at the required temperature until the customer shows up to pick it up.

Please note that some ingredients or food made with those ingredients have a lower than 6 ˚C storing and selling temperatures. Examples of lower temperature requirements:

  • Raw fish (however, for sushi max 6 ˚C), cold smoked fish, fresh salted fish and cooked shellfish: under 3 ˚C

  • Raw minced meat: under 4 ˚C

For a more comprehensive list of temperature requirements, check these instructions at the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Food stored/served at room temperature

Food stored at room temperature (e.g. bread) is sold through ResQ within its declared/estimated shelf life. Please note that easily perishable bakery products stored at room temperature (e.g. Karelian pies or other pastries) must be sold within the same day and cannot even be sold refrigerated the following day. Read more on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

The ResQ food is stored either packaged or unpackaged until the customer shows up to pick it up.

Most common allergens

The most common allergens are especially important to be mentioned in the offer if any of the ingredients can be found in the offer. Please note that you need to be able to give further information about allergens and certain other details upon request.

Examples of allergens:

  • Milk and lactose

  • Grains

  • Egg

  • Fish & seafood

  • Peanuts and legumes

  • Soy beans

  • Nuts and certain seeds

  • Celery

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Spices and additives

Check a comprehensive list and more information about allergens on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Other things

  • If you specify so in your offer, a customer can bring their own take away box with them.

  • Remember to include ResQ sales in your self-regulation plan.

  • Finally, ResQ customers need to know in advance if the food has been stored in the freezer. Most foods cannot be frozen twice. Since frozen food might defrost during pickup, customers cannot store the food after pickup. Hence, if you are selling items that have been frozen, you need to mention this in the offer name or description! Frozen food must be stored and sold at -18 ˚C or below.

If you need any assistance, you can contact our customer support via chat (in the app) or by phone at +358 9 74791418.

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