3DS 2.0 is a new security standard trying to prevent credit frauds and making it easier to authenticate the credit card user.

3D Secure is an old thing, actually. It was first introduced in 2001 already. This new version, 3D Secure 2.0, was originally supposed to be in use all over Europe from September 2019 onwards, but it got delayed. New deadlines have now been given around Europe, and eg. in Finland it has been in use as from the beginning of 2021.

So how will this affect payments in ResQ? To be completely honest with you, we're not 100% sure either, as every bank has their own, not public processes. It might force you to make a "strong authentication", which most likely means that you need to use your online bank credentials for authentication or provide a single use password to complete a purchase. It might cause some delay in the payment process. According to some estimates, authentication is required if the purchase costs more than 30 euros, or if you make 5 consecutive small purchases. Authentication is not required when making a purchase with eg. ResQ credits, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

If you notice any issues while making purchases in ResQ, please let us know via chat from the app. That way we can try to solve it! Both our technical team and customer support will monitor the payment processing and possible new authentication requirements during the next weeks.

Sorry for any possible inconvenience this might cause you.

If you're interested in reading additional information about 3DS2, we recommend this article: https://stripe.com/en-fi/guides/3d-secure-2

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