After each purchase you make in ResQ, we ask for your feedback. Once the order has been marked as picked up or the pick-up time has ended, a feedback pop-up will appear in your feed. You can also review your purchases from the My orders section in the menu.

You can choose from three review options: good, okay, or bad.

When you select one of these options, a new window will open. In the window, we ask for more details about your experience. Options in this window vary based on your first choice (which you can still change at this point). For example, if you choose "good", we ask "What was particularly good?" The options are Size, Prize, Service, Description, and Taste. You can choose as many options as you want!

You can also write additional comments to the field below. These are especially helpful for the sellers receiving the reviews: with your feedback, they can improve their service and products!

Who sees the reviews?

All the reviews appear as anonymous feedback for the sellers who’ve received the review. The seller only sees reviews about their own venue. As the reviews are anonymous, no name or any other data about you is shown. The seller can see the date of purchase, the product, and the review, but nothing else. In other words, ResQ-partners cannot see each other’s reviews.

In the app, only the basic reviews (good/ok/bad) given to the sellers are automatically visible to others with the app. Written feedback remains in the background for the seller as well as for the ResQ team to see and take action if needed. There is one exception, however - if you give your permission to publish your written review, the seller can choose to publish it publicly in the app for others to see.

ResQ Club's customer support team also monitors some of the reviews as quality control. We can see all the details about the purchase, including your information, so we can be in touch with you if the review needs some action from our end. However, as we receive thousands of reviews every day, we do not read all of them. So if you think an action is needed from us, please either send us a message or, if fitting, file a problem report!

You can read more about giving a bad review or filing a problem report by clicking on these links.

Why should I leave a review?

Reviews help you and other customers find the best venues in the Club.

Reviews and problem reports have an effect on the seller's rating in ResQ Club. You can see the seller's ratings in the app. This rating is calculated from all the reviews that the partner has received during the last two months. Based on these reviews we also reward our best ResQ partners with a Best of ResQ certificate that can be seen in the app next to the sellers' name.

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