Name is the most important piece of information about your offer, as it's the only thing with price that customer sees when browsing offers. Most often the purchasing decision is made based on the name.

Here are best practices for crafting selling names:

  1. Be descriptive: customer should be able to know instantly, what is it that she's buying. "Pesto pasta with pine nuts and Parmesan" is a great name, but "Chinese food" isn't.

  2. If there's something out-of-ordinary about the food, say it in the name! Is it big or small portion? "Salmon soup, 1 litre" and "Beef stew, 1 kg, no rice" would tell exactly what to expect! 

  3. Multiple items bundled? Let the customer know! "3 X big chocolate cookies" will sell in a matter of seconds!


When customer sees something she might be interested in, she opens the offer and sees the description. While the names should be short and descriptive, here you can go nuts with sales-talk! The more you tell about the product, the better! Please also remember to mention if the food was not prepared on the day of sale (e.g. "overnight sushis.")

Please remember to also tell about the most common allergens and diets, as these are extremely important for many customers!

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