These guidelines should help you to make the most out of ResQ. When following them, you'll find more satisfied customers, receive better reviews, and make more sales!

  1. It's not OK to sell food that is not surplus.
    Instead, sell only food that is or is about to be surplus.

  2. It's not OK to sell products at regular price.
    Instead, price should be clearly discounted, like -50%
    (-30% at minimum).

  3. It's not OK to sell food that is "older" than from today (unless it's marked clearly).
    Instead, if you sell old food (for example Best before date already gone, sushi from yesterday, etc), you have to tell it in the offer.

  4. It's not OK to sell too old food (for example Expiry date has gone, inedible, rotten food, etc).
    Instead, make sure your offers do not endanger your customer's health.

  5. It's not OK to have over 20% bad reviews.
    Instead, anything below 5% is great!

Inability to follow these basic guidelines will lead to a friendly notice first, then to a warning, and if needed, temporary or permanent closing of the account.

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