The whole world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and ResQ Club is no exception. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about ResQ Club and COVID-19.

Is it safe to buy food from ResQ during the COVID-19 crisis?

The main transmission route of the virus is assumed to be direct human-to-human contact. There is currently no evidence to suggest transmission occurs through food. Therefore you are very unlikely to catch COVID-19 from food.

Good hygiene is important when handling food, as always, and restaurants and other businesses in the food industry are professionals in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Is it possible to know whether my portion is from a buffet or not?

If you want to ask a question about the portion, there's an easy way to do that! Almost all of the ResQ venues have their direct phone number in the app. Just click on the name of the venue in the offer view and press the Call button.

Is there a way to support my local restaurant?

Yes, and they need your support! The best way to support your local services is by using them. Ordering take away food should be at least as safe as going to the grocery store.

I'm getting way too many notifications now when there's so much offering!

An increase in offering might increase the number of notifications you're receiving. Luckily it's easy to adjust them. From the app menu, choose Settings → Notifications. There are four different base settings to choose from. You can choose, for example, "Once per day" to reduce the notifications to the minimum or start using "Favorites only" to receive notifications when your favorite venues publish offers.

Resources for food safety and coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Food

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