What is changing?

Selling non-surplus food is allowed in ResQ for those restaurants and cafés who have opted in from their own settings.

This change is temporary and will be removed from the service when the times get better for the hospitality industry.

Why is this done?

ResQ Club is a marketplace for surplus food. We have built this brand for over four years around that simple statement. However, restaurants are in desperate need of help with this current crisis. That's why we’re allowing ResQ to be used as a takeaway ordering platform during the crisis also for non-surplus food. 

How long does this last?

To be honest, nobody knows. We're monitoring the situation, but at this point, it's impossible to know for sure when the tide turns. However, this is a temporary change and will be removed once the situation has improved.

How can I get started?

If you're not a ResQ Club partner yet, you can register your company on our registering page. After that (or if you already have an account) please go to your account settings and click "Sell non-surplus food". 

After this you can post your non-surplus offering similarly to normal ResQ offers, just using the "non-surplus" tag.

When do I get my money?

We make the payments once a month. In the euro area the payments are done on the fifth day of the month, and outside of the euro area on 23rd. You'll receive the sales from the previous month, so, for example, April's sales will be on your account on 5th of May (or 23rd if outside of the euro area). Our commission has already been deducted from this sum.

Is this charity or does ResQ make money from this?

Our normal commission is 25% of the tax-free price of your offer. As non-surplus offers tend to be more expensive than surplus offers, we've halved our commission for them. This means that we’ll charge a 12.5% commission from offers marked with the "non-surplus" tag.

If I don't want to use ResQ as a takeaway ordering system, what other options do I have?

We recommend you to use other services for non-surplus takeaway orders. If available at your location, delivery services like Wolt or Foodora also offer an ability to order takeaway. At the time of writing this, eg. Wolt has removed their commission from takeaway orders for the next few weeks.

You can also start taking orders via your website and Facebook page by using services like GloriaFood. It's free to use with basic features.

Can I join? Are there any limitations?

This feature is meant for any restaurants or cafeterias in Finland and Sweden. You can be our current partner or a completely new one. You can use ResQ for selling both surplus and non-surplus food.

How does this work?

You make an offer just like you'd make a normal ResQ offer, but choose the offer type as "non-surplus".

How do I know when the customer is picking up the food?

You can't know that for sure. ResQ is built for surplus food sales, where pickup time is not essential information. However, you can go around this limitation like this: set the purchase time for example from 8 am to 2 pm, and pick-up time from 12 pm to 2 pm. That way you limit the pick-up time to two hours. First and foremost, you should use services like Wolt and Foodora for selling surplus food, which are built for made-to-order sales.

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