We have decided to open our app temporarily for non-surplus food besides normal surplus to help restaurants survive the ongoing corona crisis.

What is changing?

Due to the major changes the restaurant industry has witnessed during the past weeks, we have decided to allow our partner to also sell non-surplus food in ResQ. These offers will be separated from the normal ResQ offers to make it easier for you to find the offers you’re looking for.

This change is temporary and will be removed from the service once the times get better for the hospitality industry again.

Why is this done?

ResQ Club is a marketplace for surplus food, and we have built this brand for over four years around that statement. However, restaurants are in desperate need of help with the current crisis. If the restaurants can’t survive this time, there will also be a significant decrease in the ResQ offering. That is why we’re allowing ResQ to be used as a takeaway ordering platform during the crisis for non-surplus food as well. 

We recommend you to support your local restaurants, whether it’s by rescuing surplus food with our app, picking up restaurant food as takeaway, ordering it with delivery services or purchasing their gift cards.

Is this charity or does ResQ make money from this?

As non-surplus offers are naturally more expensive than the regular surplus offers, we've halved our commission for the non-surplus offers. This is done to make sure that the partners can get a more fair share of their regular sales.

Can I hide the non-surplus offers?

Yes you can. Like said above, ResQ Club has originally been created to be a surplus platform. If you want to keep using ResQ for rescuing surplus food only, that is completely fine.

In order to see the non-surplus offers, you need to have the newest app version. To see the non-surplus offers, you need to choose the “All offers” view from the menu. You can always hide the non-surplus offers if you want by simply clicking the “Surplus only” view from the menu.

Are there any differences when I purchase surplus or non-surplus food?

When buying non-surplus portions, it’s good to remember that they might not be ready, unlike the regular ResQ surplus portions. Be prepared to wait for the restaurant to prepare your meals when you’re picking them up.

All ResQ codes and discounts are only applied to surplus food, so you can’t use any discounts when purchasing non-surplus meals.

How long will this last?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to tell how long the corona crisis will affect the restaurant industry. However, this is only a temporary change and the feature will be removed once the situation has improved again.

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