You can sell any kind of food and non-alcoholic beverages that are surplus. Restaurant portions, ingredients, beverages, and snacks are all applicable for ResQ if they otherwise might end up in the trash.

Here are a few examples of products in ResQ:

  • restaurant portions from lunch surplus (e.g. meatballs and mashed potatoes)

  • grocery bags from grocery stores' surplus (e.g. bread bags, veggie bags...)

  • ingredients from restaurant kitchen (e.g. salmon fillet)

  • natural products and vitamins

  • seasonal items after the season (e.g. Christmas chocolates after Christmas)

  • items you don't need anymore for other reasons (e.g. menu changes in restaurant or supply changes in a grocery store)

Please note that all items must be sold with a considerable discount, for example, -50%.

Here are a few examples of products you can not sell in ResQ:

  • alcohol: in most of the countries we operate it's not legal to sell alcohol in online marketplaces

  • non-edible items: we're a marketplace for surplus food, so make sure everything you sell is edible. You can, however, add a non-edible component into the bag: for example, a flower bucket into a grocery bag. Let this be a pleasant surprise for the customer instead of part of your offer.

  • products that had passed "used by" -date: with "best before", it's completely advisable to sell them some time after the date, but with the used by -dates, it is not allowed.

  • non-surplus food: the world is full of great solutions to sell takeaway food. ResQ Club is not one of them.

  • inedible food: for example even partly moldy products.

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