It is not possible to cancel ResQ-orders

We kindly ask you to check the details (as the pick up time) of the offer carefully, because cancelling the purchases is not possible due to the nature of our service.
ResQ portions are reserved to you and usually pre-packaged when you purchase your order and that's why cancellations would create more surplus and perfectly eatable food would end up to be wasted.

After all, ResQ is all about helping reduce surplus food, which is a global problem.

In addition to that, the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, a 14-day cancellation right is not applicable for customers when it comes to selling food.

If you want more information about cancellations, you can review The ResQ service terms of use. Please, contact our customer support if you have any questions!

Remember to pick up your orders in time

We hope that everything you order through ResQ is picked up in time. Our partners are not obligated to give you your order or to store the ordered items after the pickup time has ended.

Pickup times are shown in every offer as shown here in this image:

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