ResQ Club sends tens of thousands of receipts every month. Therefore, it's more than understandable that they are not always delivered into your main email inbox, as they are often the type of email you do not need to read - mostly they are sent just for the record.

If you need to access your receipts from ResQ Club, they can probably be found in your so-called "other" folder or "spam" folder. Finding those can be particularly difficult with Microsoft's email clients, like Outlook and Hotmail. As there are multiple versions of Microsoft's email software out there, we can't give you step-by-step guidance on how to find those folders — sorry for this.

If you have considered opting for a happier and easier email life, we recommend that you consider some other email client. Gmail is good and free, while Hey is better but not free. It's good to remember that if a service is free for all users, its users are the product being sold.

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