Does a higher offer price mean increased income for your company? Not necessarily! We want to highlight an example showing the effects of how you decide to price your offers.

Case study:

One of our sellers, who used ResQ on a daily basis, initially priced their portion at 6 €. Together with that ResQ partner, we did a price experiment where we gradually lowered the prices of their surplus food offers.

From the table below, you see that the cheaper the price per offer, the higher the monthly sales. This approach to pricing is beneficial for both the economy (higher income) and the environment (less wasted natural resources). The table below shows the effect of the price experiment on that partner's monthly sales:

Here you can see the values in the table visualized:

In addition to lower pricing, the clarity of the offer description and longer sales times may, of course, affect the monthly sales to your benefit.

If you want more information about pricing, you can read more in our other pricing article behind this link.

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