Selling cafe products like cakes and buns in ResQ Club differs slightly from selling other surplus items.

The basic format stays the same, but there are a few practices that have proven to provide the best results when selling cafe products.


A significant part of the price of a cafe product is the experience of spending time in the cafe itself. That is good to keep in mind when offering your surplus in ResQ Club. Your reference point for pricing shouldn't be your original prices, since ResQ customers don't buy the whole cafe experience. Instead, price competitively compared to the bakery sections of markets etc.

We recommend bundling cafe products into one offer, such as 3 buns for 2 euros. This will make the offer more tempting and reduce your food waste to minimum. See our pricing guide for reference prices.

Set offers for the following day

Often the amount of surplus is revealed at the end of the day when cleaning up and making space for the next day's fresh goods. That's often too late for selling the surplus on the same day. Luckily most pastries are still tasty on the following day!

When cleaning up, you can store the surplus as you prefer and offer it on ResQ Club right away. When making the offer, though, set the offer to be published on the following day. You can select this option above the purchase and pick up times.

This way you can sell your surplus throughout the following day, while still always serving your regular customers freshly made goods.

Since most of your customers come to you for a relaxing cafe experience, ResQ sales will not affect your normal sales. Quite the contrary. You get to always sell your regular customers the full priced goods and get new people to visit your cafe through ResQ!

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