You can create an offer in two ways: from scratch without any existing templates or by using templates that you have created before.

Creating an offer without existing templates

To create an offer, go to the Offers page or choose the Offers tab in the mobile partner app. By clicking the green "New offer" button and afterwards "Create new offer" in yellow you'll be able to create an offer from scratch. Next, you need to fill in the following information:

  • offer name, price, and quantity (and description if you like - this is usually very helpful for customers!)

  • offer type (meal, snack, dessert, groceries, ingredients)

  • order and pick-up times

Now you're ready to click (or swipe in the app) "Publish offer", and the offer goes public! In the web version, you can also save the offer as a template on the top of the page.

If you have existing templates, creating an offer will take you just a few seconds:

(Check these instructions for how to create templates.)

  • Click the “New Offer” button on the Offers page

  • Choose a template (you can also search for the template)

  • Set the number of portions available

  • Set the order and pick-up times as needed

  • Click "Publish offer" to confirm

At this point, you may still change the offer’s price or its order and pick-up times. For example, if you have an exceptionally large amount of surplus food to offer, lowering the price during this time is advisable if you want to get most of it rescued.

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